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5 Quick Tips for Happiness + Fulfillment

Do you have something you want to change or achieve in your life?
Maybe you’d like to…– Increase your happiness
— Find meaning/personal fulfillment
— Improve relationships
— Lose weight/improve your health
— Start/grow a business
— Start a new career (or get a raise/promotion)
— Save a marriage/start dating again
— Increase self-esteem, gain confidence
— Change your habits/mindset
— Improve work/life balanceNo matter what you’d like to change, achieve or improve, the secrets to happiness and success are the same…

(#1) Get crystal clear on what you want: (Hint: It’s probably not what you think you’re “supposed” to want…) Make sure your desires are as unique as you are. If not, change will be harder to achieve and likely won’t produce the desired happiness or personal fulfillment you are seeking.

(#2) Link change/actions to your values: Change is super easy once you take the time to review and clarify your personal values. (This is the secret motivation for the motivation…)

(#3) Be proactive in creating your life: If your life was supposed to be about sitting on the sidelines, you would have been born dead. Make sure you’re having fun and doing what matters to you every day… otherwise, what’s the point?

(#4) Look for reasons/ solutions: Everyone can make excuses and blame problems for why they didn’t do this or that… Solution oriented people live happier, more fulfilling lives, period.

(#5) Get support/ask for help: Very few people (if any) achieve lasting change alone…

Most people suffer in silence, trying to figure out everything in their mind, not telling anyone their hopes, dreams or struggles.

Or, worse…they listen to well-meaning family, friends and mentors who may be dealing with their own insecurities and never get the proactive life-changing support they need.

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Dream LifeEven as powerful as the one I experienced in 2008…

Where I went from deeply depressed, 50+ pounds overweight, over-medicated, addicted to prescription drugs and living an unhealthy pointless existence led by co-dependent marriage… to booming success –

Starting several purpose-driven businesses, created (and maintained) a naturally healthy life full of personal meaning, fulfillment, and happiness.

My changes were drastic, real and lasting – and were easier than you may think. And it all started with me finally raising my hand to ask for (real) help…

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