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Myranda Love#1 International Bestselling Author - Myranda Love

Myranda's journey from depression to international bestselling author didn't happen overnight, but it wasn't that hard either. And now she's showing others the way... Myranda reveals 14 Keys your audience can use to Unlock & Create their Dream Life in her internationally bestselling book for Happiness & Personal Growth: The Keys - Unlock Your Dream Life.

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  • Give Hope: Audiences can see how my life used to be like there's, and gain hope that a better life could be possible for them too.
  • Motivate Action:  I motivate them to take action and make it easy by showing them the way.
  • Define Success: I encourage audiences to take charge of their life and empower them to create their own version of happiness and success


Myranda Love is a happiness advocate, bestselling author for happiness & entrepreneurship and founder of’s Community and TOOL School, a revolutionary network for happiness and success. Committed to empowering others to “Wake Up and Get Happy,” Myranda shares inspirational stories, hard-learned lessons and practical advice for life, business and beyond with audiences and readers around the world. She’s been featured on a documentary for public television, appeared on national news and primetime television, hosted a talk radio show on Sirius XM and is frequently published in media outlets throughout the web.

Myranda Love

Myranda Love - #1 International Bestselling Author & Happiness Advocate

My Happiest LifeMy topics and area of expertise include personal stories, how-to advice and advanced training techniques related to the transformations that happened in my life:

  • Overcoming a suicidal depression;
  • Losing over fifty pounds and keeping it off for eight years;
  • Quitting smoking and releasing addictions;
  • Getting off anti-depressants, sleeping pills and high blood pressure medications;
  • Disarming early childhood trauma and releasing shame, guilt and painful memories;
  • Surviving divorce and recovering my identity that was lost during a co-dependent marriage;
  • Diving into entrepreneurship and founding three purpose-driven businesses;
  • Bouncing back from bankruptcy to create financial freedom.

Along the way I’ve experienced more happiness, fulfillment and meaning than I could have imagined during the hopeless days of depression.

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More About Myranda Love - International Bestselling Author & Happiness Advocate

Myranda has seven years of experience in entrepreneurship and online business, 25 years of experience in business operations, degrees in art and business, and has trained extensively with some of the best gurus for strategies in internet marketing, online business and entrepreneurship. She has acquired a wealth of knowledge from starting five purpose-driven businesses and selling two of them, overcoming suicidal depression to create a happy life that she loves, and successfully bouncing back from bankruptcy. She’s driven through the pitfalls and survived, experienced ups and downs in life and business, done things right and wrong, and reached many dreams and also fallen short. She’s happy to use her extensive experience, 20/20 hindsight view, valuable lessons learned, unique gifts and cutting edge strategies to help facilitate the launch or growth of your DREAM Business.

I can help you live a better life!  ~ Myranda Love

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Robin Leigh Morgan

"For becoming a guide which many of us can use, I’ve given Ms. Love 5 STARS."


"The author’s passion really shines through in her words and it gives the reader the added spur to change.

I. Taylor

"For an inspirational book like this - it makes a big difference when the author has "been there, done that!" Highly Recommend!