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Advice for a Depressed Widow

I received a message recently from one of our members, I’ll call her Lisa.  Lisa’s husband died suddenly 7 months ago and she’s been sinking into a depression ever since then.  She was asking me for advice on how to return to her normal, happy self.  I thought I’d share her story with you and how I think Lisa can take action today to reclaim her happy life.  

“I imagine you feel like your life is over, but you have got to 100% own the fact that you are still alive! Thank goodness for that! You are in charge of your life and your thoughts and your actions. Your life the way it was is over, but now’s the time to find your own identity again and revisit all of your values to make sure you still know what you stand for, what Lisa is all about. I know during my marriage I completely lost my identity. Not sure if this happened to you, but it was awful for me once I realized I didn’t recognize myself, that’s when I fell into my very serious depression in 2008.

Feeling very very very miserable, I thought I’d try something I never had before and had a couple of sessions of talk therapy and my therapist recommended Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life Workbook – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I thought the things in this book were odd, but I was so freaking depressed at this point, I had committed to giving whatever this new way was a try. This was the starting point for me to live my happiest life and everything I’ve done since then was built on the simple tools I learned in this workbook. That would be my advice to you, start here. The changes that started in my life after doing this workbook is what I speak about in my original blog posts. Check them out to get an idea about the things I went through and learned about myself and my life from this workbook.

 These very simple and basic concept are the one thing you can do that will help you find your happiest life! Good luck Lisa I’m rooting for you!!! Let me know how it goes, ok? ~ Karen

Do you have any advice for Lisa?  Or are you going through this too?  How can we help each other? 

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