Courage to Dream

I can’t believe what all has been happening to me since my last post.  First I’d like to report that I am still alive and have actually lost a few pounds!  Probably muscle, yeah pretty sure about this one, but I currently weigh around 122 which is about 4 pounds or so less than when I started school this summer.

Summer school was great for me.  I ended the semester with a 4.0.  I impressed myself!  So many things have manifested for me since I first made the decision that I wanted to go back to school.  After that decision I made the decision that I wanted to take the CPA exam when I graduate next summer (that in an of itself blew my mind, little ol me couldn’t even hold down a job not too long ago, now not only had I decided to go back to school, but also decided to take the CPA exam!).

Fast forward….I am now a co-owner and managing member of my sister’s veterinary search consulting business!  Talk about mind blowing.  It’s funny how we can build ourselves up from the smallest things.

My sister started her business last year and derived to the point of knowing what she needed in a business partner about the same time I was realizing that I might possibly could give her what she needed. I was still afraid and not confident in my skills as a business manager and accountant.  But I thought, well, she’s doing this anyway with or without me, and I’m pretty sure I would fuck it up less than she would.  So yep, from that little step from I’m scared to maybe I can give this a try I’ve gained the confidence I need to help manage and grow her/our business hopefully into a very successful one.  Now the key part I’m realizing is one that I’ve learned before.  I’ve had this vision, made this decision that I can do this, that we can be successful.  Now I’ve just got to not let myself get in the way of my success.

I do truly believe that’s the difference in successful people and failures.  The failures talk themselves out of what they think they can do and the successfuls build themselves up.  I guess this is all part of the fake it until you make it anthem.  So yeah, that’s where I am these days.  Trying to build myself up and prevent myself from keeping me down.  Sounds simple when I type it like that but sometimes it seems harder in real life.  But really it is that simple.

My head has been a little foggy lately and I’ve allowed myself to be distracted by irrelevant things.  I have a lot on my plate now, with school and still finishing my work at my previous job and trying to help with my new business and all.  I have a need to feel grounded tonight and decided to update my blog and kind of feel better already.

I need courage to not get in the way of my dreams.  I am still so amazed at how far I’ve come in a little more than two years since my depression set in.  Now I see my life in decades before me where before I couldn’t even see tomorrow.  The mind sure is a funny little thing.


Myranda Love –

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”  Anais Nin (1903-1977)

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