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The Secret to Happiness

My goal for me is to be happy. My goal for you is to be happy. REAL happy. Not FAKE happy.

Life is real. I’m real.

Sometimes my life may not look all that happy on the outside. Sometimes my life might look, to you, TOO HAPPY on the outside.

That’s okay. That’s life.

That’s me. That’s you.

Here’s the SECRET: Find happiness in every experience.

Look for joys that you might have missed; should, say…

You twist your leg and can’t walk;

Your dog almost dies;

You file for bankruptcy;

You get a divorce;

You see the sun;

You see someone smile;

You smile.

These are real life examples that I’ve been able to find happiness in.

Yes. REAL Happiness. Sure, in these moments I might have also felt sadness, loneliness or depressed. But…  I’m real; this is life.

Happiness happens in these moments; life happens in between.

I’m happy. I’m REAL. I’m alive.

Are you?

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