French Toast & Fish.

Since healthy eating is one way I am living my happiest life, I thought I’d share some more food pics with you and how I prepare the meals. I love everything about food; cooking, eating, taking pictures of it, talking about it, yep, everything.      

This is my weekend breakfast.  

French Toast Muffins

French toast & scrambled eggs


Whole wheat English muffins (Oroweat)
1/2 scrambled egg
1 large splash of skim milk
1 small splash of vanilla extract
Cook in skillet over medium heat on one side about 3 mins then flip and mash muffin flat with spatula
Cook until both sides are done
Serve with warm maple syrup


Scrambled Eggs    

1 egg white, 1 whole egg, and the other half of the egg pre-batter mix
Scrambled with Black Pepper, Red Cayenne Ground Pepper, turmeric, Paprika
Sauté plenty of fresh baby spinach (torn if larger pieces) briefly over medium heat
Pour scrambled egg mix over spinach
Add a little reduced fat feta or other cheese (a little is plenty)
Cook until done
I enjoy mine with a glass of ice-cold skim milk. 

Fish with Spinach Rice & Edamame

For dinner tonight I had broiled Swai Fish on a bed of Spinach & Brown Rice served with Edamame.

Swai Fish
I season it with Mrs. Dash Original Blend (or various ones) and also add extra garlic & onion powder, turmeric, red pepper, paprika
I mist the fish with Olive Oil spray and broil on high for about 6 minutes, watching closely. I usually squeeze fresh lemon on top when serving.
Brown Rice with Spinach
After the rice is cooked, I add turmeric, fresh pressed garlic, and tons of spinach. I stir and put the lid back on and let the spinach wilt, usually about 3 minutes or so. This was the first time I added turmeric to it and it gave it a yellowish tint and it was really good!
I use frozen organic shelled edamame and microwave in Zip n Steam bag for 6 minutes. The edamame has a nutty flavor and firm texture that I crave.

I cook enough for two nights and plate up the extra meal. Tomorrow night all I have to do is remove the tin foil and nuke it.  My hubby thought he didn’t like fish until I discovered the Swai not too long ago. Now it’s one of his favorite meals!  It’s a very mild fish and can be flavored however you choose. It’s very affordable too.     

Hope you enjoy! I know I did.

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