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In your DREAM Business Brainstorming & Strategy Session...I will work with you to combine what you are good at and enjoy doing, with your purpose, passions and talents, to help you create a profitable business and life that you love.

About Myranda Love - DREAM Business Faciliator

Myranda has seven years of experience in entrepreneurship and online business, 25 years of experience in business operations, degrees in art and business, and has trained extensively with some of the best gurus for strategies in internet marketing, online business and entrepreneurship. She has acquired a wealth of knowledge from starting five purpose-driven businesses and selling two of them, overcoming suicidal depression to create a happy life that she loves, and successfully bouncing back from bankruptcy. She’s driven through the pitfalls and survived, experienced ups and downs in life and business, done things right and wrong, and reached many dreams and also fallen short. She’s happy to use her extensive experience, 20/20 hindsight view, valuable lessons learned, unique gifts and cutting edge strategies to help facilitate the launch or growth of your DREAM Business.

My creative ideas, cutting-edge strategies and vast experience can launch your DREAM Business and take your life to the next level!

~Myranda Love, Author of The Keys - Unlock Your Dream Life

BOOK Your Brainstorming & Strategy Session With Me Now