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Advice for Depressed Mother with Panic Attacks

254One of my readers, a mother of two young children, has been writing me asking for advice with her serious depression and panic attacks.

In *Charity’s own words:

“Here’s my story…when my son was in kindergarten…out of nowhere…yes out of nowhere! I got depression…bad hit me like a ton of bricks…till this day I’m not even sure what triggered it..funny thing is I was happy with my life…obviously I will never forget that day… i wasn’t even really familiar with panic attacks… I felt like I was dying honestly…I recall waking up in the middle of the night having a bad panic attack and kissing my children..because I thought I was dying. I wanted to make sure I kissed them if I did die… sounds silly..but that’s truly how I felt… well after 2 years of not getting any better.. and I changed A LOT Of things with my life…..still I felt like poo. I feel cheated in life..that why did it have to happen to me at such a lovely time in my life…my son was in kindergarten..and instead of being truly happy… I was a nervous wreck…having panic attacks for no reason.. crying for no reason… EVEN STILL I was STRONG enough to be there for my son…and my daughter nothing was wrong with mommy…I participated in all his school activities.. and even volunteered regularly in his classroom…even if inside I felt like I was dying…I did it because of my love for my kids…and that makes me proud of myself…that I was able to do that regardless of how I was feeling inside.” ~ Charity


Can you relate to Charity’s words?  Do you have panic attacks?  Do you know the reason for your depression?

My reply to Charity ~ I’m so sorry you went through all of that and still are going through it :-( Did you seek therapy to get to the root of your panic attacks? I believe that most of our issues are coming from within us.

Perhaps something from the past you are holding onto and have not accepted? Maybe having your son in kindergarten triggered something for you.

What sort of work are you doing to change the way you feel?

The workbook I’ll post below and talk about in my blog is Get out of Your Mind and Into Your Life, which helped me do just that! It uses Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help us accept things in our past and realize we can only change our thoughts and actions about them today, live in the NOW, and commit to living a life WE value. Allowing myself to be open to the tools and concepts in this book was life changing for me, some serious life skill basics!!

Also, Learning to Love Yourself by Gay Hendricks is a great one to start with too! I love his stuff! Let me know your thoughts!

You have the Power within YOU to overcome anything, but you have to be proactive with your life and do the work. For me, there was no other option, I needed help!

~Myranda Love/

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Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life, Science of The Mind, The Big Leap, A Year of Living Consciously, The Four Agreements, The Invitation, The Corporate Mystic, Learning to Love Yourself, and more to come!  :-)

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