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Overstocking & spending at the grocery again!

While starting to shop at the grocery store today I decided what I wanted to blog about tonight. I was quite pleased with myself as I’ve been working lately on not letting coupons and sales rule my life. I mean that’s a great topic, right?  Well working on and mastering are two different things as I…

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I Am My Greatest Joy

Now I still make plans for the future and that makes me happy. However I am content with where I am right now in my life and would not change a thing. I really want to enjoy my happiness right now because I don’t know what the future might bring. I hope more happiness but if not at least I’ll have this happiness to get me through the hard times that may be ahead.

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You got to have friends!

  I used to think my life was pretty good. I had a loving husband and friend, an adorable little doggie, a very close but far away awesome sister, and a couple of long time, long ago, far away friends. Everything was great…until it wasn’t.         After many years of relying on this limited support system…

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My thoughts on excercise, and why I am active!

As a previous lifelong yo-yo dieter and workout binger, I grew to hate the word “exercise”. It always seemed like a chore and not something I could do for the rest of my life. Just something I was forcing myself to do at the time to lose weight.  As noted in my earlier post, “How I…

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Being Happy With My Choices

I cannot control what other people think or do, just my own thoughts and reactions.

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