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How I ended cycle drinking for good.

My last cycle of drinking alcohol started innocently enough. A little over 2 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday I thought, umm, some beer would be nice today with the game. What could the harm in that be? For most, nothing; but for me, it was a big deal. Fast forward about 7 weeks later to…

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Get Out of My Mind and Into My Life …AGAIN!

Practicing what you preach can be hard stuff. In September of 2008 I was in the middle of a very serious depression. This was the first time I began Stephen C. Hayes Get Out of Your Mind & Into Your Life workbook. I completed the values section by mid January 2009 and so many amazing things…

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Snowshoeing Weekend!

I hope everybody is having a nice weekend. I had a great day yesterday! I spent the day “up the hill”, which is Boise’s ski mountain, Bogus Basin. I snowshoed all afternoon and it was exhilarating!          [youtube=]    I then spent the evening with friends at the Starlight Snowshoe Benefit for Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF).…

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The problem with quick fixes.

The mind has evolved to help us fix things as quickly as possible so we could adapt to living in our external world. However, being the funny little thing that it is, the mind doesn’t work that well with fixing ourselves. Sometimes things just can’t be fixed quickly and emotional pain is one of those things.…

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Accepting my story.

I used to be ashamed of who I was. I embraced the anonymity of a new last name and moving to a big city where nobody knew who I was. I felt like I could hide from parts of me that I didn’t like. I got so good at hiding from everybody I couldn’t even find myself anymore.…

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