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What I don’t eat.

My life has changed in so many ways for the better once I got my mind situated. Probably the most noticeable, though, is the 50 pounds I’ve lost. It is quite something, but the part I’m still totally shocked about is how easy it was! Even more shocking to me is how easily I have…

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Being comfortable in my body.

Being comfortable in my own skin and being comfortable in my body are two very different things. I finally got to a place this past weekend where I realized I am truly for the first time in my life, comfortable in my body. I can not tell you how satisfying this feels! I’ve been all…

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How healthy am I?

I just got my lab results back from my annual physical and decided to share them with the World Wide Web. Guess what, it’s great news!  My last 4 Physicals Jan-10 Feb-09 Jan-08 Jan-07 Normal Age 32 31 30 29   Weight 126.2 145.5 174.5 167.5 115 – 147 Body Mass Index 21.3 24.6 29.5 28.8…

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My vitamins & how they support my healthy life!

When I started this blog I knew I had many different things I could talk about, all of which could be a specific blog topic in their own right, i.e. weight loss, overcoming depression, healthy living, addiction, etc. To me though, being happy is the whole package.  Tonight I’m going to talk about healthy living, specifically my vitamin…

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My thoughts on excercise, and why I am active!

As a previous lifelong yo-yo dieter and workout binger, I grew to hate the word “exercise”. It always seemed like a chore and not something I could do for the rest of my life. Just something I was forcing myself to do at the time to lose weight.  As noted in my earlier post, “How I…

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