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Why I Got Divorced

Still amazed at how much things have changed for me since I first decided to choose life in the spring of 2008.  Things have changed even more recently.  I have decided that the life I need to live for me is not as Scott’s wife anymore.  I thought when we got married in 2001 it…

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French Toast & Fish.

Since healthy eating is one way I am living my happiest life, I thought I’d share some more food pics with you and how I prepare the meals. I love everything about food; cooking, eating, taking pictures of it, talking about it, yep, everything.       This is my weekend breakfast.   French Toast Muffins   Whole wheat English muffins…

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What a great day!

I had the best afternoon! I went hiking in the hills for the first time all year. It felt great to be outside and enjoy the sunshine and company of friends. I’ve been having a blast snowshoeing but cannot say I’ll be disappointed when spring is here to stay. We saw probably 50+ mule deer in…

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What I eat.

I’ve blogged about how easy it was for me to lose 50 pounds and keep it off without dieting, about being comfortable in my body, and also about what I don’t eat. Now I’d like to share with you exactly what I do eat in a typical week day. These are the pics of everything I ate…

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Captain Phil.

I am saddened to hear that Captain Phil Harris (Discovery’s Deadliest Catch) of the Cornelia Maria died recently of a massive stroke.  He was fun to watch and died way too young.  I can’t say that I am surprised though.  From what I saw, he was overweight and lived a very stressful and unhealthy life; which included…

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