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Relaxing in the hotsprings.

I had a wonderful time this weekend at the hotsprings.   It was amazing and I wanted to show you what I saw.  I’m really enjoying taking advantage of my surroundings. 

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How healthy am I?

I just got my lab results back from my annual physical and decided to share them with the World Wide Web. Guess what, it’s great news!  My last 4 Physicals Jan-10 Feb-09 Jan-08 Jan-07 Normal Age 32 31 30 29   Weight 126.2 145.5 174.5 167.5 115 – 147 Body Mass Index 21.3 24.6 29.5 28.8…

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Overstocking & spending at the grocery again!

While starting to shop at the grocery store today I decided what I wanted to blog about tonight. I was quite pleased with myself as I’ve been working lately on not letting coupons and sales rule my life. I mean that’s a great topic, right?  Well working on and mastering are two different things as I…

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My vitamins & how they support my healthy life!

When I started this blog I knew I had many different things I could talk about, all of which could be a specific blog topic in their own right, i.e. weight loss, overcoming depression, healthy living, addiction, etc. To me though, being happy is the whole package.  Tonight I’m going to talk about healthy living, specifically my vitamin…

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I Am My Greatest Joy

Now I still make plans for the future and that makes me happy. However I am content with where I am right now in my life and would not change a thing. I really want to enjoy my happiness right now because I don’t know what the future might bring. I hope more happiness but if not at least I’ll have this happiness to get me through the hard times that may be ahead.

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