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Somebody That I Used To Know

I frequently remind myself of my values, what I find important to my life and access them and make sure I still resonate with them. I think about my current lifestyle and note how things I am currently doing go with or indifferent, or possibly against my values. I’m not saying I do this everyday but I am conscious and aware of my values and before I make major decisions or even I think now subconsciously I review a quick checklist of how that action or choice would relate to my values.

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My vitamins & how they support my healthy life!

When I started this blog I knew I had many different things I could talk about, all of which could be a specific blog topic in their own right, i.e. weight loss, overcoming depression, healthy living, addiction, etc. To me though, being happy is the whole package.  Tonight I’m going to talk about healthy living, specifically my vitamin…

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How I lost 50 pounds without dieting!

Funny thing about defining your values is that you actually want to do things that support what you value. One of the things I realized I valued was having a healthy mind and body. I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter. I’ve gained and lost 20-30 pounds at least 5 times in my adult life. I’ve…

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What do I value?

It all appeared harmless enough, until near the end when it started focusing on “Choosing Your Values”. At that point, I didn’t really have any values and since I knew that, I was petrified. I couldn’t really think of one thing that I cared about that was truly my values. Sure I could think of things I thought I should care about or things somebody I cared about cared about, but as I learned, those are not my values.

Over a couple of months I attended weekly talk therapy sessions while

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Why my happiest life?

My name is Karen and I am 32.  I am from a small town in Southeast Alabama and now live in Boise, Idaho.   I love life and am so freaking happy right now I decided to blog about it. Sounds like a big ol’ bowl of cherries (or bull shit), right?  Well, I haven’t always been this happy!  In…

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