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The Secret to Happiness

My goal for me is to be happy. My goal for you is to be happy. REAL happy. Not FAKE happy. Life is real. I’m real. Sometimes my life may not look all that happy on the outside. Sometimes my life might look, to you, TOO HAPPY on the outside. That’s okay. That’s life. That’s…

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My Addiction to Xanax

My two-year addiction to the prescription drug, Xanax (a benzodiazepine) ended around March 31, 2008. Those two years were the most fucked up of my life and I completely lost who I was. I was getting ready to move to Boise from Houston in 2006 when I was first prescribed Xanax. I complained to my primary provider…

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How I ended cycle drinking for good.

My last cycle of drinking alcohol started innocently enough. A little over 2 years ago on Super Bowl Sunday I thought, umm, some beer would be nice today with the game. What could the harm in that be? For most, nothing; but for me, it was a big deal. Fast forward about 7 weeks later to…

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