Burning Man!

Wow so much has happened since my last post.  So much awesome life!!  I’ve done some little self-study with visualization and manifestation reviewed in the Science of the Mind workbook.  Excited to make my way through it eventually but man it’s changed my life already!  I do really believe that you can create your own future.  Just visualize  it and make steps towards that vision.  I made a list on New Year’s Day this year, not a resolutions list and didn’t even realize it at the time, but a list of things and actions and characteristics that I wanted to work on and bring into my life and posted it on my fridge named “Life List”.  And wow it’s worked with lots of things!Ski bogus

Afford a hot tub, check!

Downhill ski, check!  (like a bad ass – check!!)

Water ski, check!

Build more meaningful relationships, check!

Make $100,00 this year, almost check!

Be a successful business women, work in progress!

Freak out less, working on it!

And some other random traits that I am trying to be aware of like being less rude and more kind and being a better listener and such… I would say I’ve made lots of progress in these areas, which is good, at least awareness!

So yeah, independent single sexy successful me has totally been surviving after my divorce!  I have been less active though over the past few months and now have started to gain some weight back, after losing 65 pounds (I got down to 111!) –  way skinnier than I ever intended, but happened once I started living alone.  Now though I eat out with dates and friends more and although was glad to have my boobs back at 121 haven’t been as happy with the gut at 128.  So I’m actually doing something very strange for me right now… I’m doing the Master Cleanse Lemonade Cayenne Pepper fast.  Just for 6 days, and just so I’ll slim down a bit for next week, my first week ever at Burning Man!!

6P7V5458enhancedWow!  My artist friend is going to paint me as a showgirl in silver body paint, and that’s all I’m going to wear!  So yes, a quick intense pre-Burning Man short fast.  It’s been an interesting experience so far, just started today but feel pretty good!  Something about the willpower to not eat (especially when I made yummy soup to freeze for next week!) made me feel very empowered.  And I haven’t been hungry so far and have felt kind of good!  No caffeine headaches yet either! Also beefing up my lazy girl workout routine.  Hoping to tone up a bit.

I plan to journal while I’m at Burning Man and share my experiences.  Stay tuned!!

xox Karen


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